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Special Use Tubing can cover a number of uses but most recently, the main use for this tubing is illustrated below. Mike Codino out of Vancouver, Washington, factory representative for Brad's Killer Fishing Gear sent a picture of how tubing is being used to separate trailing hooks from lures such as the Brad's Cut Plug and Super Baits. This tubing has a 1/8" OD with a .105 inside diameter. It's perfect for running on monofiliment leaders. Because of it's smaller diameter, it is ideal for use on kokanee and trout trolling rigs. Available in 6 great colors in one foot lengths at this time.
Please Note: As of July 17, 2017, we are out of most of the colors of the special use tubing. More is on the way but it may be the end of July before we get more. Sorry about this but demand spiked and we just got caught short real quickly. Thank you!
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Tubing--1/8" O.D. Special Use/Fluorescent Orange/1 Foot Tubing--1/8" O.D. Special Use/Fluorescent Pink/1 Foot Tubing--1/8" O.D. Special Use/Fluorescent Blue/1 Foot
Tubing--1/8" O.D.
Tubing--1/8" O.D.
Tubing--1/8" O.D.
Tubing--1/8" O.D. Special Use/Guide Green/1 Foot Tubing--1/8" O.D. Special Use/Clear/3 Feet Per Pack
Tubing--1/8" O.D.
Special Use Tubing
1/8" OD
1/16" ID
1/32" wall