2018 Sac River Report
The 2018 season went by quick and was a good one. Here is a summary of what senior field rep James did throughout the 2018 season.

2018 Sac River Summary
The season started out with a new addition to the TLS Team Boat as Captain James added a great looking TLS "Welcome" Mat to the floor of the boat.
The first to be welcomed aboard was a hen that was one of a double that James hooked up. Of course, the bigger fish got away...

As the season progressed, the fishing stayed pretty consistent with James staying mostly down on the "big" part of the river from the mouth of the Sac down to the areas around Rio Vista. A pretty good variety of spinners were working, particularly early. For a portion of the mid season, James starting getting bit consistently with spinners behind flashers. One in particular flasher performed well and it was just put out as a joke. You'll notice it in a number of the pictures below. Overall, it was a great season for James and he once again proved that you don't need a double bladed spinner to get fish on the lower Sac. That's not to say they did not get fish BUT on the days the doubles are not getting it done, it seems the single blade patterns tend to fish well. So, a big Thank You! to our senior field rep James for getting out there and spinning TLS product and getting some images back to base.