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Size 6 RATLER Series Blades
The RATLER Series French Blades are an Exclusive Top Line Spinners.
This style of french blades has a wider body and wider top than what would be considered a "standard" french blade.
Whether they are coupled with the TLS RATLER bell style lure body or the Rocket body, these blades are very responsive
and available in a variety of proven finishes and patterns.
And, a special note: These blades make GREAT trolling/anchor spinners for salmon and steelhead.

The image above shows an example of the size 6 RATLER Blade in brass being utilized in a trolling application. This particular brass blade was "doctored" with a chartruese UV tape dot with a high contrast dot inside that. We highly encourage our customers to give these blades a on the troll. TLS will be putting together a 4-pack of the size 6 RATLER french blade spinners soon so keep any eye out in emails in the near future.